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Where do you start?

In a 24-hour world like ours, with much to do and less time to do it, what does an aspiring writer, artist, entrepreneur, social media guru, mime (yup, mime) do? How do they decide on attainable goals and then proceed down the road to fulfilling them? How?

Start with the right — then the left….

…absolutely that simple: start with putting one foot in front of the other. That’s what my husband always says.  Do the things you can and don’t fret over the things you can’t.

I took his advice and guess what? After working at it all day, I finally got a log line I am pleased to show off for my screenplay, Goodbye Me! I’m going to start with you:

An overworked, self-pitying young mother struggles to keep it together after her husband’s sudden illness. Her life rapidly goes from simply chaotic to a living nightmare after a deceitful new friend’s sneaky stunt forces her to fight for her freedom and her family.

Now, for the next project — the rewriting of one of my novels (oh my goodness!). But wait! One foot in front of the other…  Soon I’ll be showing that off, too!

Encouragement for you and me

from the…

Voice Of A Writer


Coming From Behind

I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies that highlight the underdog.

It doesn’t even matter if he/she goes down in oblivion and never ends up as the top dog; of course that would be great but really, that’s anciliary. Just the fact that the one lost in the shuffle, invisible to the masses and having the greatest obstacles to overcome is being chronicled is what I find most enriching.

Let the truth be told: in some way or another, most of us probably fall into that category; if not now — in the past, and if not in the past, perhaps, somewhere in our future. Why? Because, that’s life and ultimately we really do not have control over the final outcomes. We are all subject to the unexpected, and can easily find ourselves miles away from the finish line.

But thank goodness for many uplifting things in this world and… beyond — including my personal partiality to stories that put a voice or face to these types of individuals.

Those stories are hope factories and give a “newbie” to a particular struggle a glimpse of the fighting process — illustrating what it takes to fight a good fight and to come from behind and finish the race. Now, that’s exactly what I like!

It is impossible to overdose on hope no matter where it comes from: movie, book, song, friend, ecetera.

A thought from the…

Voice Of A Writer.

Got Substance?

If you’re busy keeping with Lindsey Lohan’s mess and less with the state of the world as a whole your substance is probably more fluff.

We’ve all been there at one point or another. I know I have.

But, time is moving and as the world changes, fluff is clearly just that — fluff.

Live a little and find out what you’re made of by doing/reading/exploring something different. Something that will enhance your stay on this planet.

You won’t regret it.

Just a few words from the….

Voice Of A Writer.

Got Passion?

Hey you! Yes. YOU.

The one over there walking around this planet, complaining, sulking and nagging everyone in your inner circle? Not you? Okay, perhaps the person next to you, tap him/her will you?

One of a myriad of reasons you behave this way is because well, you simply lack…..


A little spark...

Go ahead — find something that interests you.

Nurse it, slow and steady, over time…

                                                    You’ve got yourself a PASSION!!!

From the…

Voice of A Writer.

Got courage?


Do something different — something right.

Speak up, speak out.

Ask someone out.

Ask someone for help.

Help somebody in a bind — open a door, help with a bag, etc.

Lean on God.

Lean less on people.

Ask somebody to forgive you.

Forgive somebody.

Encourage someone to do the above.

Encourage yourself to be bold and do what’s right.

The cost of courage? False pride.

The reward from courage? Freedom of fear and doubt!

Take heart, have courage.

From the….

Voice Of A Writer

Nano is Coming!!

Make pressure work and write that novel! You can do it with an entire community of other writers. Check it out for yourself at nanowrimo.com.

Many writers start and continue with nano and most importantly — go on and get published.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to write the great American novel then, do it.  This will be my third year and I’ve never been so excited about pressure. The pressure to write 50,000 words in 1 month is a race worth joining. It’s a writer’s version of a marathon.

See in you in the race!

From the…

Voice of a Writer

Finding/Respecting/Embracing YOUR Writing Voice

Ira Glass says it well:

A repost from blogger,  Wendy Strukus of The Next Small Thing.

Strong Words of Encouragement….

Voice of A Writer

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