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And the Presentation Was….

A success!

Oh, my goodness. I presented to an audience of Christian women the myths of forgiveness and what it really is and is not biblically. Take a listen to interviews I did for two online radio programs, “Doin’ The Do” and “The Enterprise.”

That’s a mouthful surely.  Delivered by the grace of God, I tell you. It was not easy to condense that topic in an hour. Much preparation, prayer and divine intervention helped me pull it off. I have to be honest, hopefully it will help someone out there; someone who’s struggling with their words and hoping against all hopes of getting it done – and getting it right – for an audience.  It is likely you will be a rousing success because of preparation and faith. Relying solely on your fortitude is a recipe for letdown.

The feedback I received was phenomenal. Days later, after taking time to consider what the participants said, I believe I know what to aim for in preparing for future presentations. The women’s responses, which had come completely unsolicited, assured me that I had:

  • Inspired and challenged them
  • Informed them in a concise, clear cut way
  • Imparted them with sound biblical reasoning
  • Impacted them with a renewed vigor in their Christian walk, and
  • Invited them to not only observe but participate with me as I spoke on the subject

I look forward to my next public speaking engagement, from the prepping step to the finale, it’s a journey I commit to sharing.

However, for now, my keyboard is calling…. there’s a screenplay with my name on it asking for further attention.

Ahh the rewrite, my favorite part!


Ruminations II

What does preparation look like?

I found public speaking to be much like writing.

The preparation process, at least initially, were similar. Study the topic. Consider it carefully, from both my perspective then my audience perspective.

Finally, Pray, then:  Write. Write what you know. Write what you think. Write what you believe. Sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, page after page. Just keep writing. Hours, days, weeks of just writing.

Stop. Study more, read more. Go deeper: consider the concept and the goal of the topic even more. Come up for air, read what’s been written. Disappointing. Very disappointing. If it were batting averages, probably .100. Take heart, this is a very normal, very expected process in writing. Back to the topic. Delineate it. Consider, then reconsider the subject goal  from different angles. Ponder, brainstorm and record my thoughts.

Again… more writing. More pages. Repeat process several times. Read results, comparing to batting averages again, it elevated a little, maybe .150. Better. Gather constructive criticism from team of supporters. Rework outline. Set up bullet key points. Write, write, write. And pray. Read.

Improvement – GREAT improvement. Concrete ideas now in black in white. Less writing. More rewriting. Hardest part over.


My message: CLEAR, SUCCINCT.

My delivery: I SHALL LET YOU KNOW….

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